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    Maanshan Bond Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing disposable sterile Acupuncture Needles and Dry Needles, with imported stainless steel wire, which are automatically produced. In addition to many international patents, we also have attained GMP, FDA 510(K), CE 0197, Canada CMDCAS, Japan QMS and Australia TGA certifications.

    In terms of needle tip sharpness, body polishing and handle varieties, we have achieved the world class level with strong technical capability and creativity, as the excellent combination of advanced technology, modern facilities and traditional Chinese craftwork. EACU, ZAGU, EAKU, JOCU are our own brands which have a high international reputation.

    We are dedicated to continual improvement of products and services. We have committed great financial resources to the product research and development for patients and doctors. You can count on us always being in forefront of product innovation and quality. 

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